Gingermelon Dolls

Gingermelon Dolls: Free Pattern – Little Lark Lavender Sachet

Here's what you'll need to make one:
  • 4x6 inch felt for body
  • 2x3 inch fabric for the tummy
  • 2x3 inch felt for eye patch
  • Scraps of felt for beak, toes, bow and hair tuft
  • Pair of 6mm black safety eyes or pair of 7.5mm coloured safety eyes
  • 7 inch length of crewel embroidery thread or narrow ribbon for hanging loop
  • Polyfil
  • Embroidery thread/floss
  • Dried lavender
  • Embroidery scissors, orange stick, tooth pick, Fray Check
  • Disappearing ink pen or water soluble pen
  • Please read through all instructions before starting this little project.
  • I've used one strand of embroidery thread/floss for seams etc. Keep your stitches neat, tiny and evenly spaced.
  • To download the pattern pieces, please Click Here
  • More information and instructions about this great tutorial you can fine in the source url below.


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